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The SG Commercial System

Commercial Saltwater Chlorination Systems


SG 5000 single system
2.3 lbs of chlorine per 24 hours
SGC Manifold Systems
6.9 to 13.8 lbs. of chlorine per 24 hours

Saltwater Chlorine System

The NSF International-certified SG commercial system is specifically designed for commercial bodies of water. The multiple cell manifold design provides significant advantages over comparable single-cell systems.

A clear, visible cell housing and wide blade spacing makes monitoring and maintenance of the SG system a simple task. In addition, the multiple cell manifold design allows each cell to be individually cleaned without shutting down the entire system.

With one of the highest chlorine outputs of any other unit in its class, and its compatibility with almost any control system, the SG Series commercial system is the most dependable and efficient sanitizing system available in the industry today.

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