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Frequently Asked Questions

Saline Chlorination Product Answers

SGS Chlorinators takes pride in providing superior customer service, and that starts with ensuring all of your questions are answered. Please read on below for answers about some of the most popular questions asked about our products. Please click on the Q to reveal the answer and click on the again to hide.

What Is Saline Chlorination and How Does My Breeze Series System Work?

Saline Chlorination uses electrolysis to separate the small amount of salt (sodium chloride) in the pool water to produce free chlorine (Hypochlorus Acid). After the chlorine does its job in the pool, it recombines into salt and the process starts over. Salt is not consumed during this process, but recycled. The Breeze Series is a high-performance saline chlorination system that lets you enjoy crystal-clear pool water. After the initial installation of salt, the only salt you will need to add to your pool will be to replace the salt lost in splash out, filter back flushing and dilution through rain.

Why Should I Use a Salt Chlorine Generator?

Salt is a natural product found in nature and our bodies. Saline chlorination recycles that natural product, making the system environmentally friendly. It is a safer, cleaner, easier alternative to dosing your pool with hazardous gas, liquid chlorine or chlorine tabs. Best of all, salt pool water feels smooth and luxurious; you won’t have to deal with skin irritation, red eyes, damaged hair and that harsh chlorine odor associated with chemically treated pools.

How Salty Is the Water in a Salt Pool and Is It Corrosive to My Pool Equipment?

The saline level in a salt pool (at 3,500 PPM) is a fraction of that in sea water. The concentration of salt in the ocean is 3.5 %, while your new pool water is 0.4%. This is a approximately half the salinity of your own tears and is not sufficiently high enough to create a corrosion problem to your pool equipment. Salt water only begins to become corrosive at dilutions in excess of 7,000 PPM.

How Is My Breeze Series System Installed?

The Breeze Series system, consisting of two pieces of equipment (the electrolytic cell and the Control Center) is easily fitted to new or existing swimming pools or hot tubs of all surface types. The cell is plumbed into the return-to-pool line after the filter, heater, etc. The Control Center is spliced into the filter pump timer controls. The Breeze Series system should be installed by a trained professional or certified electrician.

What Does My Pool Service Need to Do After an Breeze Series System Is Installed?

Everything they used to do but NOT ADD CHLORINE TO YOUR POOL. They will still need to keep the water chemistry of the pool water balanced to maintain the proper chlorine residual in the pool. We recommend that they read the owner’s manual to understand how to operate the system.

Will I Need to Add Algaecide to the Pool?

Normally, algaecide will not be required when operating the Breeze Series system as long as the required chlorine residual is maintained in the pool.

How Often Will an Breeze Series System Need Cleaning and How Is It Done?

The Breeze Series is a low maintenance system; the cell reverses polarity every six hours of operation and that process will dislodge most scaling (calcium build up). How often a system will need to be manually cleaned is directly related to the hardness of your pool water. The good news is that the Breeze series cell is independent of the visible cell housing, and unlike most other salt systems, is easily inspected while it is operating. If there is calcium buildup on the cell, just turn off power to the pump timer and the control center, unscrew the cell cap and remove the cell from the housing. Proceed to knock off all scaling with the SGS Magic Wand (a flat wood paint stirring stick) that is accompanies each system; there is no need to use the acid/water solution required by most other salt systems, which is cumbersome at best and when misused will negatively impact the longevity of the cell! Once the scaling is removed, return the cell to the housing, turn the power on and you’re good to go; the entire cleaning process takes just a few minutes.

Where Can I Find the SLTD-100 Salinity / TDS Meter?

The SLTD-100 is now sold and serviced under the separate company “SGS Instruments.”

We apologize for any inconvenience that the separation of SGS and SGS Instruments may cause. For any product information, service claims or related warranties associated with SGS Instruments, you must contact Cary Tenenbaum of SGS Instruments at 480-295-3163.

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