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Saline Generating Systems takes pride in providing excellent customer satisfaction, and we appreciate hearing about your experience with us. Please take a few minutes to browse through our testimonials to see what some of our clients have said about their experience with Saline Generating Systems.

When my customers ask me if I recommend a salt pool, I tell them if they don’t know, don’t ask me to sell it to you, go swim in a salt pool then go swim in your pool; if you notice a difference, call me and I will sell you a salt system. Salt generators sell themselves. It’s a great swim for the customer.

The PoolMan in Phoenix is the largest full service company in Arizona and 2nd largest or close to it in the US. To sum it up easily, we do everything in the pool business except build pools. Commercials pools run 24 hours a day. So to have a salt system running 24 hours a day instead of showing up every 2 or 3 days to put chlorine in the pool, the salt system is making it everyday.

It installs well. It is very simple. We install 1000’s of them and my repair guys don’t seem to have any issues with them. Ease of installation, absolutely.

I would not recommend anything and our company would not recommend anything we are not using or doing – We would absolutely recommend SGS. They are reliable and very responsive to our issues and questions. It’s a great product, it works, it does the job.

Matt Kwasny, General Manager

Pool Repair & Remodel Dept. PoolMan Phoenix

When you get out of a salt pool, you don’t need to take a shower; you don’t feel sticky or have a residue on you, it doesn’t feel that way – it feels good. You don’t get the green hair, you don’t have to store any chlorine on the property – this generates it’s own chlorine.
I particularly like the SGS system for salt generators because of the clear housing. You can actually see the chlorine being generated and you can also see when a cell needs to be cleaned, which is real difficult if the system is enclosed, you can’t tell that – you would have to take it all apart. And it’s easy to clean. You just unscrew the cap, pull it out and clean it and put it back in again.

The warranty is a 5 year warranty. When I had a warranty situation, I just called, they sent someone out, they took care of it. I just checked on it a few minutes ago, asked what they did and they told me and made the system like it is like it is brand new again.

John Sims, Commercial & Residential Account Rep.

Blue Marlin Pool Service

I love the salt water pool. It’s nice and clean when you get in it, your skin feels good. When you get out of a chlorinated pool, you A. you smell like chlorine and B. your skin feels funky.

Your skin always feels soft when you get out of this and you don’t smell like chlorine, which is really nice.

The transition from chlorine to salt is really simple. 6 bags of salt in a 15000 gallon pool and you are done.

The product itself afterwards, is great. It’s a very easy transition and once you do it, it’s a no brainer – you don’t have to think about it at all.

He just comes out and cleans it once in a blue moon, maybe once a year and it’s pretty maintenance free.

Well it’s clearly less expensive I mean we’re not buying chlorine.

I have recommended the SGS product to a lot of the associates that I work with in my company. Most of the owners have 6 – 7 kids and having a pool system that is a

little more maintenance free makes sense, so definitely I have recommended to them.

The start up of our pool was really easy. Our pool professional came in, put the salt in, put the generator on and it’s been running maintenance free ever since.

Mary M

Phoenix, AZ

You need to try it to understand the difference. We are cleaning less, we don’t use all this chlorine, pouring granulated and have this floatie in the pool, all this stuff, it’s much better.

We’ve lived in this house for 10 years. When we moved here, we had the regular pool chlorine, the regular original system that we had and my kids were always

suffering from getting in and out of the pool – we went to a friends house and they had the salt system, which was totally different. My kids loved it and my wife and I looked into it and

because we were in Arizona, because we spend a lot of time in the pool, it was important for us. We found out about SGS, we bought the system, and since then, we love it.

It’s just a more pleasant experience, there is no smell, it feels better on your skin, your eyes don’t burn after a few minutes, your hair doesn’t change color, all of that stuff.

Absolutely I would suggest the salt water pool.

Also when you have a heavy use of the pool, most people have to put shock in the pool. I just press the button bring it to 100% – I don’t have the smell and after 10 to 12 hours, the pool is clean,

everything is fantastic.

Ron & Sharone Cohen

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